October 9, 2017


Any and all donations to fight the incinerator are gratefully received

How to donate

The ways in which you can donate money to help the campaign and stop the incinerator are below:

Bank payment

Account number: 25061853
Sort code: 23-05-80
Company name: No Essex Incinerator Ltd


Payable to: No Essex Incinerator Ltd


You can send payments to info@noessexincinerator.co.uk, which is linked to the company's Metro bank account

How your money is spent

To make sure that everything we do is transparent and you can be confident in where any money you donate is spent, we will provide a breakdown of this. To get more detail, just get in touch via our contact page.

Raising awareness

The plans for the Rivenhall incinerator have been in motion for the past two decades. In that time many people have moved in and out of the area and it is crucial we tell everyone about what is going on. The money spent on this area includes posters, leaflets and postcards. These are used for things like local meetings or to advertise deadlines for new applications that are submitted.

Total spend: 

Expert support

Nearly everyone involved in the campaign does not come from a scientific or technical background. We all read the documents and can see that sometimes figures don't add up or something doesn't quite make sense, but in order to really scrutinise the applications, we hire professionals who can do this expert analysis. 

Total spend: 

Legal support

While a permit has been granted by the Environment Agency, there is concern that the applicant failed to follow the correct process in this application, and that there were mistakes in what was presented. We are in the process of seeking advice on whether legal action needs to be taken. 

Total spend: None so far - figure required is TBC.


To raise more money we may need to spend a little in the first place. This is to organise events that will bring in larger sums and at the same time continue to raise awareness and build the profile of the campaign. 

Total spend: None so far