Help us fight the incinerator and join our fundraising efforts

We need your support.

Fundraising so far

PAIN has done brilliantly to date raising approximately £30,000. We have employed experts who have helped to compile evidence to submit to decisions making authorities.

We demonstrated that the 35m high stack did not meet the EA’s ‘Best Available Technology’ criteria when they refused it in 2017.

In 2019 our report to the Planning Authority, Essex County Council, demonstrated that the revised planning application for the project did not comply with planning law and the application was refused.

Fundraising for the Judicial review commenced at the end of August 2020. People from across the primally impacted parishes donated to raise £30,000 in just under 2 months. It was an amazing effort. We would like to thank each and every one of you.

Next steps

However, a judicial review is a different ball game. It will cost about a lot.

PAIN represents 14 communities and its efforts will make an effort that will go beyond the local area. The impact of the carbon dioxide from this facility and the truck movements will contribute towards national and global climate change.

We may be down, but we are not out…….

Please help, please donate.

You can make a donation to our bank account, with all funds going to this judicial review. The details are below.

Bank account held with MetroBank

Bank account name: No Essex Incinerator Ltd

Sort code: 23-05-80

Account number: 25061853


PAIN is a name given to the campaigning activities on behalf of NO Essex Incineration Ltd, a company limited by guarantee.

On behalf of all involved with the campaign and the communities we represent, thank you.