October 27, 2017


What is the IWMF Rivenhall?

How did this happen?

Below is a timeline behind the creep that has gone on, turning the IWMF into the incinerator


Gent Fairhead GF was granted planning permission for the IWMF at Rivenhall post an appeal and SoS (Secretary of State) inspection. This was conditional with the SoS adding some 60 limits on the facility  including size, design freezes prior to construction, stack height, geographic limits and plume visibility


A planning extension of two years was applied for and one year granted in the same year the ‘geographic limits’ were removed by ECC with AD and MDT contracts awarded elsewhere

February 2016

The capacities were changed reducing AD and MBT treated waste by 60% and increasing incineration to 595,000 TPA

March 2016

Construction started with the design frozen (stack at 35m AOD)

December 2016

The EA permit was refused based on the initial design and a stack of 35m AOD but with the revisited capacities: this is the first time the EA had been officially engaged on the incinerator


A new EA permit was applied for - based on a 55m AOD stack. This was increased to 58m AOD during the application period

June 2017

A scoping opinion was issued by ECC based on the indications from the new permit application that the stack will require and increase to 58M AOD. This was responded to by ECC with conditions and guidance listing the areas that the applicant should address in their planning application

July 2017

GF applied for a planning change of the conditions known as condition 59 that limits the stack to 35m AOD, but at the same time the applicant has not complied with the scoping opinion. GF also applied for planning permission to increase the stack height to 58m AOD

September 2017

It was announced in the financial press that the banks providing financial support to the applicant had conducted due diligence on the scheme and subsequently withdrawn their funding

September 2017

The EA permit was granted but with a 58m stack contravening the 2010 SoS conditions

April 2018
In April, PAIN submitted our report to the ECC Planning Committee: Rivenhall IWMF: A case for refusal though evidence and analysis.
November 2018
GF responded to the PAIN report and applied for a new EA permit similar to the one already refused by the EA in 2017 to operate the incinerator with a reduced stack height of 35m AGL but with better technology (this technology is not proposed for the 58m high stack...). GF also announced their new operator: Indaver.
January 2019

GF and Indaver carried out the first public consultation events since the last planning decision in 2010.