Environment Agency permit update

The planning application to build an incinerator with a 75m high stack was refused last year. However, there is an existing planning permission for a facility with a 35m high stack from 2010. Gent Fairhead applied again to the EA for a permit to operate it saying improved technology would ensure heath and the environment would be protected.

The EA are minded to grant the permit subject to a 4 week public consultation. So we could now have now one of the largest incinerators in the UK, with the shortest stack which according to Essex County Council we don’t actually need!

The EA held a single consultation drop in event at Rivenhall despite the huge impact on the community. They have previously admitted other consultations they held were perhaps not as wide as they could have been and on those occasions, there was more than one event. To hold just one event and with one week’s notice in the first week of January appears to be a deliberate choice.

Furthermore, at this event one of the EA representatives admitted the area and environment will be worse off with this facility.


How you can help

Respond to the CBC air pollution survey.

Complete this Colchester Borough Council survey on air pollution and ask others to do so too.

  • CBD is right next door to us. They are trying to clean up their air pollution, this incinerator will make it worse.
  • Ask them to object to the EA decision to grant a permit to Gent Fairhead to operate one of the largest incinerators in the country with the shortest chimney in the country.
  • Point out that an incinerator emits the same pollutants as diesel cars and vast quantities of CO2 and we are clearly in the middle of a climate emergency and need to reduce not add to CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • Tell them that last year ECC refused the planning application for a taller stack because we don’t need another incinerator.

Write to Braintree District Councils Air Quality team and let them know.

Please email them and don’t forget to include your name and address at the bottom.

PublicHealthandHousingTeam@braintree.gov.uk & pamsh@braintree.gov.uk

Key Points:

  • The Braintree District is not an ‘Air Quality Management Area’, our pollution levels are not high enough.
  • On the ‘Essex Air’ website they say “We (BDC) are interested to hear any ideas on how air quality could be improved or any ideas or comments relating to air quality which you might have.” (http://www.essexair.org.uk/AQInEssex/LA/Braintree.aspx?View=defaul)

Tell them:

  • You are worried about the implications of the permit that the EA want to grant to operate the Rivenhall incinerator with a stack height of only 35m.
  • The pollution from this facility will damage the health of the surrounding communities, the environment and contribute to the climate change emergency as the facility will contribute massively to an increase of CO2 production in the area.
  • It is likely with this facility that BDC will become an Air Quality Management Area.
  • The massive increase in Carbon Dioixde, noxious chemicals and PM2.5s will invalidate the year on year reduction in air pollution that the Braintree area has achieved since 2012.

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