Parishes Against INCINERATOR: PAIN

Why object?

Air pollution will affect: Rivenhall, Stisted, Silver End, Cressing, Bradwell, Earls Colne, Wakes Colne, Coggeshall, Marks Tey, Surrex, Great Tey, Little Tey, Feering, Pattiswick, Greenstead Green, Halstead, Braintree, Kelvedon and Witham.

This is an ongoing process: even when there is no active consultation you can get in touch with your councillors to ask what they will do about the incinerator. Make sure they represent your concerns and views.

About the incinerator

Residents have been fighting the incinerator for years. Now is a critical point and we need to do all we can to show why it finally has to be stopped.

Zone of Theoretical Visibility

This shows the impact that a 35m or 55m stack would have. With the EA stating they may issue a permit if the stack increases, this zone will become larger.

Plotting Potential Pollution

Look at the Rivenhall plume plotter to see how far the pollutants are dumped. 

IWMF Incinerator Location

The named areas on the map are just SOME of those that will be affected by the incinerator. The air pollution will spread further, affecting a HUGE number of areas. This could be as far as the East coast. 

Air flow spreading chemicals

A map showing the prevailing air flow that will spread the Benzene and other chemical particles over Coggeshall and surrounding parishes.

Ask every member of your household to object. We need numbers. You don't have to include everything on here, just say whatever is most important to you and keep it simple. We need your help today!


Want to get more involved? We have signs and posters you can put up, or leaflets that can be handed out

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