PAIN: Parishes Against INcinerator

Join our fight against Gent Fairhead and the Rivenhall incinerator

Latest update

Parishes Against INcinerator (PAIN) took The Environment Agency to judicial review on the 13/10/20. The judgment was read out on the 15/10/20 and we are sorry to announce that the judge refused permission to progress to Stage 2 of Judicial Review. For the press release please see our timeline page.

What happened?

The incinerator was granted planning permission some years ago but the Environment Agency (EA) refused an operating permit because the height of the chimney was too low (35m).

The developer re-submitted a planning application for a higher chimney but planning permission for this was refused in 2019 by Essex County Council which, in making that decision, also opined that the incinerator wasn’t needed.
The developer submitted a revised 35m application for a permit to operate which the EA approved in June 2020.

There is no ‘ombudsman’ to arbitrate decisions made by the EA. PAIN, with community support was therefore, compelled to take further action and proceed to Judicial Review.

PAIN believe the Environment Agency's decision is fundamentally wrong

The decision goes against current knowledge around the negative impacts of incineration on the health of the local community and environment, and climate change.

The EA appears to have changed the way it assessed the 35m high stack so enable them to grant a permit; they are not following their own rules.